Aoka is a social business that creates innovation platforms that mobilizes stakeholders and activates ecosystems to accelerate change.

We create innovation labs to:

Redesign society

Cross-sectoral labs that create spaces of deep collaboration to generate innovative solutions and positive impact in complex systems such as Social Finance, Climate & Energy, Food & Nutrition.

Reinvent organizations

Projects in company to change mindsets, redefine purpose, build leadership capacity, generate, positive impact and shared value.

Catalyze collective action

Acting together is the best way to explore the future we want to create. To change things we must experiment new ways of doing through rapid prototyping.

From ego to eco

True change requires a shift of awareness: from an ego(centered) to an eco(systemic) perspective. Only then we’ll begin to create more inclusive and resilient solutions.

Social technology

We are members of MIT’s Presence Institute

We are members of MIT’s Presence Institute, using Theory U and other social technologies to design change strategies.

Theory U creates a common language and help us to open our minds, hearts and will to co-lead change in individual, collective and systems level.

Want to start a transformation process?

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Aoka is proud to be a certified B Corporation.

We’re part of a global movement of 2,000+ B Corps that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems and generate positive impact.

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